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Simple Ways to Expand Your Psychic Ability

Updated: May 19, 2023

The key to expanding psychic abilities, such as clairvoyance or clairaudience, begins with the expansion of your own consciousness. Psychic abilities or supernatural senses can be accessed through a few simple practices — meditation, focus on the brow chakra, silent listening and awareness of the Now. When put into action, these keys can open you to higher levels of awareness, understanding and abilities beyond the five human senses.

Meditation may seem quite foreign to the beginner, but in truth, it is the natural state of your being. The first thing you want to do is find a quiet space with no distractions. Meditation can be done seated, or lying down, with eyes open or closed. The key is to bring your attention to where you are in the moment. Allow your transient thoughts to come and go, but do not dwell on any of them. This allows for the beginning of clarity. Observe your breathing and bring your attention inward. Through this daily practice (begin with 15 minutes a day) you will expand your awareness of Spirit and bring lightness to the body, making it easier for you to discern vibrational frequencies.

The brow chakra can be activated in one of two ways: through gradual and concentrated focus or through spiritual awakening following one or several life-changing events. When awakened, this chakra lifts the veil over ordinary perception and allows you to see all of life through the eyes of the Highest Self.

To begin, spend a few minutes a day placing your attention on the area between and just above your eyebrows. No effort is required — just simple placement of your attention. You cannot place a timeline if and when this chakra will activate, but one thing is for certain: you cannot mistake the activation of the third eye with anything else. At that moment, you will know.

I have come to know that wisdom is a one-way street from the Higher Self to the local or conscious self. How many times have we ignored our gut instinct or that soft, still voice from within only to regret it? Listening brings you back to your Self and the guidance that extends from it. There is no magic to this practice. It requires you only to become fully present.

That brings us to my last point — the Now. I don’t want to sound cliché, but the present moment is just that — a gift. In the Now, time and space is transcended — and ego transcendence can be experienced. That is your cue to the Universe to bring forth dormant, unknown faculties. When you are fully present, you allow for clarity, deep understanding of the unseen mechanics of life and wisdom to blossom within your consciousness.

When put into action, these practices can enhance psychic gifts that you were already aware of and open the door to other unknown spiritual faculties. The only limits to consciousness are the ones we place upon ourselves through human conditioning.

When the droplet returns to the vast ocean, it returns to oneness — the natural state of power.

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