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Law of Attraction: The Missing Element

There have been countless books written on the subject, many offering techniques on how to attract the things we desire. Nothing wrong with that, but what if there was something missing beyond that external wanting and receiving? What if the first principle and foundation of the law of attraction is to seek to become first; to grow, evolve and ascend to the spiritual being we’re destined to become? What if the missing element is something so profound, that when discovered within, would fulfil the soul’s true desire; self-realization? Lastly, what if the key to the LOA is to first become fearless, so that you could transcend the things that would be undesired so that you could open up your vibrational frequency to allow the highest self to do the attracting through beingness?

The law of attraction serves a purpose in that it teaches the power of thought and emotion. It shines a light on the importance of setting goals and intentions to attract the perfect partner, the perfect house, and even abundance. It absolutely serves a purpose with regards to desire. With that being said, know that there’s also the potential and possibility to fulfil your soul purpose as you engage with the law of attraction. The law of attraction doesn’t have an off or on switch; it’s always in play. The law of attraction in essence states that we attract what we are; the sum of our thoughts, focus and emotions making up our energetic field.

If we choose to make ascension the primary goal, by having a deep desire to know the Self, we will begin a process, the journey of shifting beyond limitations, conditioning and fears, raising our vibrational frequencies to unimaginable heights. And by knowing the Self, and living through Source, we clarify what we truly desire to experience in life. As we grow spiritually, the things we may have desired a few months ago, a year ago may change as we become clear on what is possible. We begin to think bigger, as we experience the miracle of the ascension process.

What begins to unfold as our awareness expands is that wanting, or desire transforms to a state of gratitude. Knowing that we are one with Source, and that Source knows that which we desire, we realize one only has to give thanks through the awareness that even before one asks, it’s granted…without question. A surrendered way of being, there are no doubts or fears of things not coming to fruition and one lets go of the “how” or “when. Bliss is experienced as the local self has consciously merged with the universal self.

Finding the missing element, the realization of the Self, there is no more seeking; one has found the Kingdom within. Life is viewed through the eyes of spirit and recognized as Creation itself. Endless possibilities are contemplated as one understands that absolutely all things are possible. Having shifted beyond the inherited conditioned mind of this world, one sees oneself as the drop that has returned to the ocean; becoming one with all its power and potential.

At this level of awareness, things seem to fall into one’s lap. An experience that is void of resistance, one becomes a powerful magnet, attracting the right people, and opportunities that assist you in being of service to others. This is the missing element of the law of attraction; become first through self-realization and become of service; because it’s through giving, through expression of our highest self, that we in turn receive immeasurably beyond what we could ever feel or experience through the attainment of material things.

It should be mentioned that spirituality, living through spirit is not about rejecting the material world but rather knowing who you are in beingness first and then enjoying the things of this world, without attachment or the fear of loss. It’s a fearless way of being that can be extended into our relationships, the way we do business, how one looks at money and life in general. This is what’s called spiritual integration, being with doing, action through awareness and attracting through a surrendered state of allowing. 

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