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Teachings Not Of This World


About Jiulio Consiglio

Jiulio is a former dental health care provider and educator turned spiritual writer and teacher. Following several personal adversities, Consiglio-while in his early thirties, experienced an unfathomable and life-altering spiritual transformation that resulted in the transcendence of the conditioned mind. His writings and teachings focus on the transformative power of inner stillness and the mind-body-spirit connection.

His message is unadorned and to the point: there is life beyond fear and incessant thinking and it is found in the dimension of inner stillness. Jiulio currently offers his consciousness-based teachings to groups. His first book, Challenge Your Thoughts: Healing Mind, Spirit and Body with Truth was published in 2006. His second book, The Healing Frequency: Transform Your Life through the Wisdom, Power and Clarity of Inner Stillness was published in 2016 and is a demonstration of the power of consciousness-to transcend that which no longer serves us in order to live the life we were meant to live. His latest book, Open Your Third Eye: Activate Your Sixth Chakra & Develop Your Psychic Abilities will be released June, 2021

"The Healing Frequency was brought to life to serve as a message and a beacon of hope for humanity. Since 2005, I have been living, writing and speaking my message-that there is life beyond incessant thinking and fear. It has been my sincerest desire to share my message with those seeking change-an enlightened way of living.

If you have sensed that there has been something missing from your life, that there is more than what you see, then you have found what you’ve been searching for. Remember, no one can give you what is already yours. What The Healing Frequency does is demonstrate what is possible. It reminds you of Who You Are. It points you inward-to a long-forgotten frequency, the frequency of inner stillness." -Jiulio Consiglio

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